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What we Offer at CK Performance Academy

Trackman Bay Booking

Solo Practice - £20

1 Hour : £30


2 Hours : £60


3 Hours : £90


EVERY ADDITIONAL PLAYER IS £10 EXTRA (For example 2 players for 1 hour is £40)

Having warmed up, a dynamic check, each iron is carried out to ensure it is at the correct loft & lie angle for you.

Ensuring Perfect loft spacing throughout your irons and wedges all adjustments will be included and carried out on the spot.

TrackMan 4 is used to capture carry and total distances

throughout the bag. Loft angles can then be adjusted again to achieve optimum yardages Throughout your bag.

This is extremely beneficial  for players looking to lower there score significant 



CKPA Stocks all Golf Pride Grips, Lambkin, Putter Grips.

ALL can be done on site, bring the clubs in before 6pm and receive them back on the same day.

Clubs are also cleaned with every fitting service.

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